Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA) is a governmental risk-sharing pool whose members consist solely of Ohio townships. 

OTARMA was formed in March 1987, for the primary purpose of managing and funding third-party liability claims filed against its members. OTARMA subsequently expanded its coverage capability to include first-party property coverage. 

The stated purpose of OTARMA is to provide its members with broader coverage than is available in the conventional insurance marketplace and provide that coverage on a continuous basis that allows members to keep pricing stable and accurately budget over a long period of time.


To continue to be the premier risk management program for all Ohio townships.


OTARMA is a risk management program, endorsed by the Ohio Township Association. OTARMA provides the broadest property and liability coverage, outstanding service, and stable pricing for Ohio townships of all sizes. OTARMA's Mission is to provide members with responsive risk management solutions.