Grant applications must be completed and submitted with documentation by December 31.
Please complete and return the application to Wendy French at wfrench@bfgroup.com or via fax 1-269-276-4095. 
Wendy can also be reached by phone at 1-888-748-7966 ext.3136.

A township must be an OTARMA Member at time of submission and issuance of grant funds.

  Online Application
  Complete all fields and attach documentation if the application is to be submitted online.
 Amount Requested ($500 maximum)  $

What specifically will the Grant funds be used for
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   OTA Conference Fees only   
Training Seminar/Education   
Safety Equipment
 Briefly describe how this grant will help reduce risk at your township.  
Please submit required documentation of the expenses
(receipt or invoice)

Type of submission      
Choose only one way of  submitting the application.

  This printed application and receipt or invoice will be mailed to
315 S. Kalamazoo Mall Kalamazoo, MI 49007. 
  The printed application and receipt or invoice will be faxed to
       1-269-276-4095 .
  This application and receipt or invoice will be submitted online. 
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